The Principles

Here are some helpful and factual Clean United States of America Principles:
Although much debate has arisen about what a clean America should look like, and how to get there, the understanding for Pedal For Power are as such:
1. Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas are ancient fuels and finite fuels (domestic and otherwise), and have no place in a clean democracy.
2. Nuclear Energy can lead to globally destructive ramifications, as has been demonstrated in previous weeks in the nuclear fallout of Japan, and therefore have no place in our present or future.
3. An implemented Carbon Polluting Fee (carbon tax) is the best feasible way to make fossil fuels cost more than renewable energies such as wind and solar (as well as high speed rail and mass transportation (bikes are already cheap!!)), and therefore the best way for high-stake investors to invest in clean technologies. Cap-and-trade is inherently flawed, and feeds profits only to the most polluting of industries.
4. Organic agriculture could provide for 40% of the climate solution. Biodiverse farming (multiple crops on one plot of land) retains Earth’s necessity for biodiversity, and therefore should be supported over corporately controlled seeds and agribusiness. The “revolving door of power” between agribusiness and government should be closed (and locked).


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