The Ride

Pedal For Power is a collective movement, meaning all are welcome!       This invitation includes all ages, from first time riders to professional cyclists, from people who have not yet participated in a collaborative national movement to environmental activists, from farmers to businesswomen and men. What is important is that we all get involved….even if riders can only join for one mile.

Because peak oil, global climate change, and rising food prices affect everyone, this is a non-partisan movement, in which all political agendas are included. This is about people power, not corporate power (CEOs can still bike with us, but corporations aren’t people, so they can’t).
If you’re a climate denier, we still want you, because we all want an escape from escalating gas prices.
Biking across the country, the riders will connect with various non-governmental and nonprofit organizations working on various environmental/social justice causes, as well as authors, small farmers, teachers, and schoolchildren. There is planning under way to meet up with Congresspersons to hear and share views as to what the best direction is to establish a clean energy future.

Please help spread the word!



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